- Do you feel overwhelmed with all the information out there about home bakeries?
- Are you scared of failure and constantly doubting yourself?
- Are you so confused with all the laws and licensing required?
- Are you struggling to get your name out there and sell to more than just friends and family?
- Do you feel guilty charging for your baked goods but also feel like you're not charging enough?
- Do you feel like you lack the knowledge needed to market your business and stand out on social media?
- Is your website and order system a confusing mess that's scaring away customers?
- Do you feel buried with all the different strategies to grow your business?

Me too.

Or, at least I used to.
When I first started my home bakery business, many of these beliefs were very real for me.
I've been there.

And it wasn't fun.

I've had months without a single customer, I've spent my last dollar on baking supplies, I've gone to farmers markets where it seems like no one wants to buy my baked goods. And I've spent so much time doing things I THOUGHT would help me grow my business.

I was working around the clock, baking constantly, always active on social media, and I still felt like I was just earning enough to make ends meet.

I'll always remember the moment I decided things had to change. If I was going to have a business, I was going to do it right. That's when I decided I needed a plan.

And I told myself, if this works, I'm going to share it with other home bakers. I'm going to create a plan that can be repeated and followed step by step for home bakers everywhere.

So I did.

I immersed myself in all things business.

The laws, the licensing, tips on marketing... I spoke with accountants, web designers, photographers, business coaches, and anyone else who could give me any information about how they grew their business.

Then I took all that information and applied in to my business. I used it to specifically grow a home bakery business. That was the tricky part.

As home bakers, we're not like other businesses. We have to make every product we sell. 

And we can't make it too far ahead of time.

A feature in an article at the wrong time could potentially mean disaster if I didn't have the right systems set up to quickly expand.
I learned that popular marketing advice didn't always work for my business because I needed local customers, not just "likes" and "comments" from strangers all over the world.

And I learned to really make an impact with my business, it wasn't just about the product. It was about the community I was able to build around my brand. The way a homemade treat could bring people together and become more than just a cookie.

And in return, this community supported me as I turned my home bakery into a storefront. 

The plan I had laid out for my business had worked. I was able to grow it into whatever I wanted. And now I'm able to use this system to teach other bakers to do the same.

But just because I decided to go the route of a storefront, doesn't mean you have to. Some of my students want to open bakeries, while others want to keep it home based and just work when they have time. And some prefer something mobile like a food truck or bakery cart.

I'm saying this so you know that this is your business and you can do whatever you want with it.

To quote one of my favorite authors, Derek Sivers, when you start your own business... "It's an expression of how you feel the world should be. When you make a company, that's your little place to make your own little utopia.".

You can make your business anything you want. 

And I am here to help you.

But why now?

I was constantly putting my business off. Making excuses for why I couldn't start, and telling myself I didn't know enough to start a business and just needed to do some more research.

Finally I decided that I didn't want to wait any longer. I wanted to start NOW. Even if that meant just buying my domain name or making a logo. I decided I was going to start and I did. I focused on one thing at a time, following my plan along the way. And before I knew it, I had created a business. 

Also, people are starting to really care about where their food is coming from. They want desserts made with love, instead of being made my some machine. Customers want to support their community, they want to shop small, and they want to see their local businesses grow and thrive.

And this is exactly what I share with you.
 Students from this course have started their home bakery businesses and are selling out, landing big wholesale clients, and quitting their 9-5 jobs to be full time bakers.

And this course is changing their lives.

Here's what some of them have to say:


Home Bakery Owner

"I am a single mom of 4 boys. I wanted to create a Home Bakery that provided quality products to new and existing clients, however, I wanted to limit my personal liability.

In order to accomplish this I wanted to make sure I was compliant with Local/State laws but I had no idea where to start.

Being able to learn from you, made such a huge difference. Your coaching calls, even after the classes allowed me to ask questions I didn’t know to ask during the course.

Since the course was self paced, it allowed me to absorb the information and finally start my Home Bakery.

It gave me the tools and knowledge that I needed to open my home bakery.

In addition, the community of folks who’ve taken your course are such an encouraging and empowering group of people.

Being that I work in a project management environment, this course was designed to allow me to lay the foundation and walk me through the process, step by step, in starting my home bakery.

This was something I struggled with prior to taking your course.

I’ve reached my monthly sales goals for December & January (and this month isn’t over). I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and set other goals of working at pop up in events in my city to increase my client base.

I didn’t expect that my biggest cheerleaders on my journey would be the folks that I met in the Home Bakery Blueprint group. My family and friends are supportive, but my my dreams are not theirs.

Having a community of folks to cheer me on, share their experiences or even inspire me to do things out of my comfort zone is just so amazing to me.

Your course is so well designed; it is a plan... the information is consumable and actionable.

Do it! You (Michelle) have the heart of a servant leader! You empower WOMEN and MEN to invest in themselves so that they can achieve their dreams without fear of “competition” which I love so much.

You continue to work with us and give us the tools and advice we need to grow our business. The world needs more people like you!"


What You Get

- A step by step plan to start and grow your home bakery business: Instead of continuing to waste time looking for information all over the internet, you'll have actionable steps to get started.
- Confidence: You'll have confidence in your prices, in your product, and in your business as a whole. You'll know why you're charging what you're charging and feel better selling at that price.

- Email templates: Templates you can copy and paste to contact wholesale buyers, shop owners, and potential popups.

- Pricing Spreadsheet: This is one of my favorite features in the course. You put in your ingredients and it calculates the costs for you. This has been incredibly helpful for students who don't know what to charge for their baked goods.


- Facebook Course Community Group: Access to the Home Bakery Blueprint private Facebook group for extra support, advice, and encouragement from other Home Bakery Blueprint students, alumni, and Michelle.

- Home Bakery Blueprint Worksheets: These worksheets and checklists are designed to help you work through the course with organization and ease.

- Videos and Written Instructions: Each section has videos and written instructions to help guide you through the necessary steps.

- Weekly Group Coaching Calls: Each week, Michelle hosts a group coaching call where you can ask her questions you have about the course, macarons, and any other areas you need extra guidance. This is also a great way to connect with the other students.

- Lifetime Access: Once you sign up for the course, you're in it for life. You can come back and review the material as often as you'd like. We encourage you to take your time and work through it at your own pace.

Hi! I'm Michelle Adams!

I started Michelle's Macarons as a home bakery in 2014. I started from zero. No Instagram followers, no Facebook "likes", and no YouTube subscribers. I applied the strategies I teach in the Home Bakery Blueprint and grew it to a storefront in 2018. I still use what I teach in the course to continue to grow Michelle's Macarons. 

My work has been seen in Martha Stewart Weddings, Tastemade, Ruffled, and Entrepreneur.

I'm only saying this to show you that this is possible and you can do it too. You can start from zero and build your own business.

And I will be here helping you along the way.


- Module 1: Test/Plan - This is where you'll learn how to decide what to sell, what makes your product unique, how to improve your product, and how to get feedback.

- Module 2: Build the Foundation - In this module you'll learn about Cottage Laws, labeling requirements, and any other laws needed to start your business. We also cover how to set up your business structure, registering your business, what type of insurance you'll need, and how to handle banking and taxes.

- Module 3: Your Product - Here we will set up your order system, learn how and where to order supplies to cut costs, go over what to charge to make sure you are actually making a profit, and setting up a flow to prepare for bulk orders.

- Module 4: Establish Your Brand - In this section you'll learn how to create a recognizable brand and logo. You'll create eye catching promotional material, an easy to navigate website (this is broken down into simple steps for people who have zero web and design experience), and learn how to take photos that showcase your product. We also go over social media - how to set it up, efficiently post, and reach local customers to grow your audience.

- Module 5: Grow - Learn how to grow your audience outside of social media with an email list. You'll also learn all the techniques I used to grow on social media without spending all day on Instagram.

- Module 6: Expand - This module will show you how to gain customers in your area. How to sell at farmers markets and popups, how to market your product for weddings and events, and how to provide baked goods for corporate events and meetings. You'll also learn how to sell your products to coffee shops and other wholesale accounts.

One of the best things about this course is that it continues to grow. The more I develop my business and learn, the more knowledge I add to the course. And since you have lifetime access to this content, you will be able to grow with it.

Here's what students are accomplishing:


The course is completely online.

You have unlimited replays and lifetime access to this course and all updates.

Once you enroll, you will have access to the course and receive your login information within 24 hours so you can get started right away.


- I'm very busy right now. I don't know if I'll have time to take the course.
You will have lifetime access to the course. You can go through it at your own pace whenever you have time.

- What if I already have a home bakery business? Will this still be helpful for me?
Yes, a lot of our students already have a home bakery business but want to learn how to grow it, organize it, and create more structure around their business.

- Do you offer payment plans?

- I haven't been approved by the health department yet. Can I still take the course?
Absolutely. You can start going through the course now, so when you are approved, you will be ready to go.

- Can you guarantee results?
As much as I love this program and fully believe in it, I cannot force you to take the steps laid out for you. The results from the testimonials are from students who implemented the strategies taught in this course. But since I have no way of knowing what you do with the program, I cannot guarantee your results.